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Twelve Days of Christmas in Kentucky


Where Are the Flowers?


Addition Adventures

Subtraction Secrets

DoubleDigit Decoders: Addition

DoubleDigit Decoders: Subtraction

Multiplication Mosaics


More Multiplication Mosaics

Division Designs

Fraction Finders

Decimal Destinations

Algebra Antics


Graph Grapplers

Kentucky Puzzles

Rod-Clue Puzzles

Literature Wordokus Level I

Literature Wordokus Level II


My out-of-print books now available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store in digital form.  

Clip Clue Puzzles
Level A

Clip Clue Puzzles
Level B

Math Busters: Addition,

Math Busters: Multiplication,

Math Busters: Fractions


Venn Perplexors Level A

Venn Perplexors Level B

Venn Perplexors Level C

Venn Perplexors Level D

Tan-Tastic Tangrams


Spellbinders Level A

Math Map Puzzles
3 Levels

Coin Clues Levels
A, B

Coin Clues Making Change

Tactic Twisters Levels A,B


Adventures with Area


My other out-of-print puzzle books. I hope to have these available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store in the coming months.  

Spellbinders Level B


Animal Wordoku

My work was in these books (most now out of print). Please click on the pictures for more information.  

Pathwork Path: Christmas Stocking

Best of Stories for Children Magazine

I Wish Someone Had Told Me...

...How to Write 30 Forms of Poetry...

Appalachian Writers Guild Anthology


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