Venn Perplexors Level B

Delightful Venn diagram math puzzles based on nursery rhymes! Stretch your thinking skills while you're finding out how many children the old woman in the shoe had or how many animals Little Boy Blue tended. Also includes a section in which students supply words that fit into specified sets and subsets.

For grades 3 to 6
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Publisher: MindWare, 2003 [discontinued]

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Venn Puzzlers Level B

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Ev,... While I was poking around your website, I found that you are the author of the Venn Perplexor books! I love those books! I own almost every one, and I love them! Did I already say that I love them? I did a logic class with our small co-op and I used the beginning books with "the little ones" and the later books with "the older kids." They hated how much the books made them think, but were mesmerized and driven to solve the problems. They inevitably worked ahead and did more each week than I'd assign. I feel starstruck! Kelly (homeschooler)

Teaching hint: After your students have tried several of the puzzles, give them an opportunity to be creative also. Read them the rhyme from a new puzzle, without the story, and ask them to try to think of a way it could be made into a math puzzle.

Author's note: Of all my published books this was one of the most fun to write! Reading through countless nursery rhymes and deciding how to stretch each one into a math puzzle was a wonderful exercise in creativity. Definitely an opportunity to use both sides of my brain!

Dedication: "This book is dedicated to two of my most wonderful encouragers, my husband Ralph and my sister Betty, and to the Creator God who shares with us the gift of creativity."

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