Math Busters: Addition and Subtraction

For grades K-2
Sample page
For grades K-2
Sample page

Turn addition and subtraction practice into an exciting, fun adventure with these creative puzzle pages! Your students will be motivated to keep working, because each correct answer gives additional information for coloring in the picture or design or for finding the winners of the game.

Publisher: Fat Brain Toy Company, 2010 [discontinued]

I'm delighted these two books are now available in digital form at my Teachers Pay Teacher store as:

Addition Amusements and Subtraction Surprises.

Please check them out.

Author's note: These books were first published as Addition Arrays and Subtraction Squares by Nasco.


Addition...“This book is dedicated to my brother John who has a genuine zest for life and
     to a personal God who adds meaning and purpose to our existence.”

Subtraction...“This book is dedicated to Eleanor, a dear sister-in-love, and
     to a forgiving God who takes away the burden of our wrongdoing.”

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