Kentucky Puzzles:

Bluegrass Brainteasers for Ages 6 to 106

Publisher: The History Press

Publishing Date: 2014

ISBN: 978-1626193284

Purchase Site: History Press

Sample page

This fun puzzle book is full of mind stretchers that tie in with the history, culture, and geography of Kentucky. Every page is a different type of puzzle, and the difficulty levels range from an easy dot-to-dot of the state bird to puzzles that will perplex adults. It's great for individual enjoyment, family fun, classroom challenges, and cooperative group problem-solving. A perfect gift for puzzle lovers you might know who have lived in Kentucky or had a connection to it.

[Note for central Kentuckians: Morris Book Shop and Joseph-Beth carry this book.]

Author's note: This is one of my favorite creations, because I loved coming up with all the variety of kinds of puzzles to tie in with the information about my beloved home state.


“This book is dedicated to the wonderful people of Kentucky and to a loving God who longs for us all to live together in harmony.”

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