Literature Wordokus

ISBN Number:978-1-34358-59-7
Catalog #: CLC0462
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For grades 3-6
ISBN Number:978-1-34358-58-0
Catalog #: CLC0457
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For grades 6-8

Combine the fun logic of popular sudoku puzzles with stimulating questions which challenge students to use their creative and critical thinking skills, and you have a great way to get students excited about reading award-winning literature. The thought provoking questions can be used for group discussion, as writing prompts, or simply to stimulate thinking. They do not require previous knowledge of the works but instead are designed to intrigue students and captivate their interest, making them want to read them.

Each book has 72 puzzles and discussion topics.

Publisher: Pieces of Learning
Publishing Date: 2010

[Note for central Kentuckians: Morris Book Shop carries these books; Joseph-Beth has Level II.]

Author's note: I was delighted to co-author these two books with my sister-in-love, Cathie M. Brown. Cathie taught language arts for 22 years in middle school and high school, and did a great job creating the discussion questions in these books.

"These books are dedicated to our wonderful husbands and to God who inspires and sustains us."

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