Addition Adventures

Publisher: MindWare

Publishing Date: 2004

ISBN Number: 1-892069-73-3

Catalog Number: 22069

On-line Purchase Site: Mindware

See sample puzzle: sample

A delightfully fun way to practice basic addition facts. Solve mini-mysteries by using your answers to plot a path (north, south, east, and west) until you reach a lost mitten, a four-leaf clover, hidden treasure in a pyramid, or other great reward. Builds mapping skills as well as proficiency in addition.

For grades 1 and up.

Author's note: I created the illustrations for this book as well as the puzzles.
My personal favorites are the ducks and the trees.


"This book is dedicated to my mom and dad for sharing their artistic and mathematical gifts
and to a dynamic God who invites us on the greatest adventure ever!"

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