Algebra Antics

Publisher: MindWare

Publishing Date: 2009

ISBN Number: 978-1-933054-69-8

Catalog Number: 42030

Online Purchase Site: Mindware

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Algebra Antics is chock full of algebra exercises in which FUN is the “known quantity!” Each page features 12 to 24 skill-building algebra problems. After students have simplified expressions or solved equations, the answers provide clues for drawing lines to reveal a secret picture in the coordinate grid. A unique and fresh approach to algebra practice; great for students who enjoy visual challenges and direct feedback.

Perfect for individual work stations, an entire classroom, or sharpening skills at home.

For grades 5 and up.

[Note for central Kentuckians: Morris Book Shop carries this book.]

Author's note:

I had fun co-authoring this book with my daughter Susan. We work well as a team. In this case, Susan had just gotten married and was trying to finish up her dissertation research, so I especially appreciated her willingness to help out.


"This book is dedicated to Mike, a cherished new member of our family, and
to God who is our refuge and strength."

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