Math Articles

Below are links to several of my articles which I hope you'll find interesting and helpful.

  "A Handy Multiplication Mystery"

A fun finger trick for multiplication facts, the discovery of why it works algebraically, and an extension to consider involving number bases--all part of a Thanksgiving family reunion!

  "A Discovery Adventure with Multiplication Facts"

This is the story of one of those "aha!" experiences that I had with my 7-year-old son and middle-school-age daughter. If you're trying to help a child learn the multiplication facts, you may find the relationship, which we discovered among some of the facts, to be interesting.

  "Pythagorean Triples Served for Supper"

When my middle-school-age son Martin shared with us at supper that he'd made a discovery about Pythagorean triples at school that day, we ended up having a fascinating discussion of the topic. The article describes our questions and exploration and concludes with several follow-up questions which you or middle school students you're teaching may want to explore.

  "A Real-Life Puzzle"

When I couldn't figure out the calendar pattern for my primary classroom I had a real puzzle on my hands. In this article you'll have a chance to see if you can solve the same puzzle I had to solve. (If you can't figure it out, you can email me for the answer.)

  "Finding Averages with Building Blocks"

This gives a fun lesson plan for teaching young kids about finding averages. I used this approach with my first and second graders.

Articles for Writers

  "Keeping Those Babies Sent Out"

This article describes the color-coded method I use for keeping track of my magazine submissions. It includes a pdf copy of my table which you can download.

  "The Big Acceptance!"

If you often unhappily compare yourself to other writers you might want to read this article. The green eyes of discontent can blur the writing vision for any of us.

  " Becoming a Puzzle Master "

This isn't exactly an article, but it's got lots of information. It's the transcript of the questions and answers from a 3-day online workshop I did for the Institute of Children's Literature website.

  "Formatting a Crossword Puzzle in Word"

Have you created a crossword puzzle, but want it to look more professional than your paper-pencil version when you submit it? Check out how in this article.

  "Formatting a Word Search Puzzle in Word"

If you create word search puzzles and want to know how to format them in a Word document, I give you the steps in this article.

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