Venn Perplexors Level C

This book has three kinds of puzzles:

  • 28 fun alien-themed puzzles that help students improve their mathematical problem solving by using Venn diagrams to organize information.

  • 12 puzzles that challenge students to analyze similarities and differences and determine classification categories.

  • 8 introductory logic puzzles that encourage valid, accurate reasoning.

  • Great activities for either independent learning or group cooperation.

    For grades 6 to 9
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    Publisher: MindWare, 2003 [discontinued]

    I'm delighted this book is now available in digital form at my Teachers Pay Teacher store as:

    Venn Puzzlers Level C

    Please check it out.


    Ev,... While I was poking around your website, I found that you are the author of the Venn Perplexor books! I love those books! I own almost every one, and I love them! Did I already say that I love them? I did a logic class with our small co-op and I used the beginning books with "the little ones" and the later books with "the older kids." They hated how much the books made them think, but were mesmerized and driven to solve the problems. They inevitably worked ahead and did more each week than I'd assign. I feel starstruck! Kelly (homeschooler)

    Author's note: It's a puzzler---see if you can figure out what's special about the names of the aliens in the stories!

    Dedication: "This book is dedicated to my children, Martin, Susan, and Stephen (whose computer assistance has been invaluable) and to a loving, sustaining God who helps us meet life's challenges."

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