Rod-Clue Puzzles

Publisher: ETA hand2mind

Publishing Date: 2001

ISBN Number: 1-57162-334-5

Catalog Number: IN40251

On-line Purchase Site: ETA hand2mind


165 intriguing puzzles using Cuisenaire Rods to challenge you and your students. Builds logic and critical-thinking skills as well as spatial relationship skills.

The book progresses from relatively easy puzzles through more difficult ones to puzzles with two (or more) solutions. Great for cooperative group problem solving or individual work.

For grades 5 and up.

Useful hint: If you don't have the rods, you can cut strips from colored paper or from inexpensive sheets of foam available at craft stores.

Author's note: My daughter Susan E. Christensen was a great co-author for this book!
She had just graduated from high school when we wrote it.


"This book is dedicated to those who can't resist a challenge,
to the people we love, and to the One who is our inspiration."

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