Graph Grapplers

Publisher: MindWare

Publishing Date: 2015

ISBN Number: 978-1-936300-76-1

Catalog Number: 68438

Online Purchase Site: Mindware

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Graph Grapplers is terrific for plotting your way to sharper graphing skills! It's jammed with fun, imaginative activities that help you understand data. Read stories, graph the data, answer questions about the graph, and use your answers to solve riddles that keep the learning fun! Turtle races, donut production, pogo stick bounces and more are ready to be graphed using one of four different ways:

vertical bar graphs
horizontal graphs
line graphs

The book offers 30 exercises and solutions. Softcover; 48 pages; reproducible.

Perfect for individual work stations, an entire classroom, or sharpening skills at home.

For grades 3 to 6.

Author Note: Special thanks to my author friend, Katie Kennedy, for providing two of the riddles used in the book.


"This book is dedicated to my wonderful author friends,
and to God, who loves us and gives us light for the journey."

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