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Teachers and parents, I'd love to have your input about things you'd like to see more of in the market or things you'd like to see posted here on my site. Please email me with your suggestions. More activities are on the Puzzle Page.

1. Math Articles
Click here to read several articles about teaching and learning math.

2. Some Helpful Websites for Teaching

3. Sample Pages from My Puzzle Books

are available on my Books page by clicking on the individual books.

4. Activities to Download
These materials are copyrighted. If you're a teacher, you're welcome to make copies for your students (please leave my copyright notice on the pages). Parents may make a copy for their child; kids may make a copy for themselves. For any other use, please
email me for permission.

 Math Coloring Sheets: 
 A = add and subtract only.
 B = multiply and/or divide.
  Dino  A  B      Leaves  A  B   

 Logic Grid Puzzles:     Names 'n' Games        Costumes   

 Word Searches:     Homes       Halloween   

 Crossword Puzzles:     Opposites       Trees   

 Word Scrambles:     School       Halloween   

 EZ Sudoku Puzzles:     #35       #36   

 Subtraction Sudoku Puzzles:     #16       #17   

 Addition Sudoku Puzzles:     #16       #17   

 Division Sudoku Puzzles:     #16       #17   

 Round-About Math Puzzles: 
   #11       #12   

 Round-About Word Puzzles:
 Younger students can find shorter words in these. 
   #11       #12   

 Other Puzzle Sheets:
 Caesar Cipher   Salty Puzzle   Basketball Puzzles 

 Blank master: Krossword-4-Kids
If you'd like to give your students a chance to create simple crossword puzzles like the one on the puzzle page, here is a blank master you can use. Letter tiles, which can be easily rearranged, are helpful for young students as they try various combinations.

 Letter lists for use with Letter Links Level A 

 Abacus information 

I'll be posting new pages to download every few weeks, so please check back.

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