Amazing Brain Book for Kids

  Publisher: Rockridge Press

Publishing Date: 2021

ISBN Number: 978-1-64876-356-4

For ages 4 to 6

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Help kids ages 4 to 6 build problem-solving skills

Playing brain games is one of the easiest and most engaging ways for pre-K and kindergarten students to strengthen thinking skills, grow their confidence, and get creative. This activity book for kids is packed with puzzles designed to challenge their developing brains. Children will learn the skills to focus on a problem and build a solution, creating a critical-thinking tool kit that will set them up for success in the classroom and beyond.

This exciting choice in brain books for kids encourages them to:

    --Learn through fun: Get kids excited to learn with a wide variety of brain teasers, including word games, patterns, riddles, and more.

    --Build up skills: Help kids develop deductive reasoning, pattern detection, inferential thinking, and many other foundational skills with exercises that start simple and grow more challenging.

    --Have a growth mindset: Parents will find tools and tips that help them reframe challenges as growth opportunities and support the development of their child’s growth mindset.

Challenge little ones to boost their brainpower with this kids’ activity book!

What people are saying about the book:

"These word games, logic puzzles, and riddles for kids are fun! With quirky art, engaging pencil activities, and even entertaining two-person games, this book is the perfect answer to growing more brainpower in a colorful way.”
Nancy I. Sanders, kid lit author of 100+ books, including The Very Oldest Pear Tree

"Disguised learning at its best! This mother/daughter duo’s delightful games, puzzles, and riddles will challenge young children’s brains to a healthy growth mindset and give parents tips to facilitate engagement."
Tina Cho, kindergarten teacher and author of 100+ children's books

“The Christensen mother-daughter team does it again with a variety of games, puzzles, and brain teasers to cultivate your child's critical thinking skills. Inviting, entertaining, and absorbing, they promote both completion and a growth mindset.”
Vijaya Bodach, author of Ten Easter Eggs

Dedication: "This book is dedicated to the many teachers who have nurtured our own growth mindsets and to God, who has blessed all of us with curiosity and a desire to grow."

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