Subtraction Secrets

Publisher: MindWare

Publishing Date: 2004

ISBN Number: 1-892069-72-5

Catalog Number: 22068

Online Purchase Site: Mindware

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A clever, fun way to practice basic subtraction facts. Solve mini-mysteries by using your answers to plot a path (north, south, east, or west) until you reach a pot of gold, hidden treasure, or other great reward. Builds mapping skills as well as proficiency in subtraction.

Author's note: When I drew the pictures for this book I did most of them standing up, using the top of our microwave as a desk, because I had excruciating back pain that particular summer. It's amazing what you can do in a pinch!


"This book is dedicated to my wonderful husband Ralph and to a compassionate God
who knows all our secrets and loves us anyway."

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