Multiplication Mosaics

Publisher: MindWare

Publishing Date: 2003

ISBN Number: 1-892069-56-3

Catalog Number: 17157

Online Purchase Site: Mindware

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Want kids to love practicing their multiplication facts? Then this is the book you need! Answers to the problems provide the color code to fill in the squares in the grid. As the colorful picture or design gradually unfolds, kids are motivated to keep solving the problems until it's complete. The activities also reinforce graphing skills.

For grades 3 and up.

Author's note: Multiplication Mosaics is my best seller. I originally developed the idea for these puzzles when my own children were in elementary school, and for several summers I did an enrichment program for children in our home.


"This book is dedicated to my wonderful parents for all their love and encouragement and to a generous God who multiplies our joys and shares our sorrows."

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