Coin Clues: Making Change

Publisher: MindWare

Publishing Date: 2011 [discontinued]

See sample puzzle: sample

The book has more than 100 fun puzzles.
The object of each puzzle is to put coins in a line to match the clues.

  • Provides practice in making change.
  • Builds critical thinking and logic skills.
  • Gives opportunity to use math concepts such as
       sums, differences, and symmetry.
  • Strengthens reading or listening skills.
  • Encourages following directions.

  • Perfect for individual work stations, an entire classroom, or sharpening skills at home.

    For grades 2 and up.

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    Coin Clue Puzzles - Making Change.

    Please check it out.


    "This book is dedicated to all those wonderful teachers who work with children, and to Christ, the Great Teacher."

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