Fraction Finders

Publisher: MindWare

Publishing Date: 2008

ISBN Number: 978-1-933054-70-4

Catalog Number: 32020

Online Purchase Site: Mindware

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Want fraction exercises that have fun as the common denominator? Then Fraction Finders is what you need! Each page features 14 to 18 skill-building fraction problems. After students have solved all the equations, the answers provide color-coded clues for revealing the secret name of an animal hidden in the coordinate grid. A unique and fresh approach to fraction practice; wonderful for students who enjoy visual challenges and direct feedback.

Great exercises for individual work stations, an entire classroom, or sharpening skills at home.

For grades 4 and up.

Author's note:

I was amazed when I was working on this book to discover what a lot of animal names have just 3 or 4 letters. I hope you enjoy figuring out the hidden names when you're doing these puzzles.


"This book is dedicated to Ralph, my love and support, and
to an all-loving God in whom we find meaning and purpose for life."

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