Math Busters: Fractions

Nearly every student loves riddles and secret codes, so turn your fraction practice into fun with these engaging puzzle pages. Equivalent fractions, reducing, mixed numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing--all the topics are included. Not only do students practice fractions, but also mapping skills, as they trace their path north, south, east, and west through a maze of letters to determine the answer to the riddle.

For grades 3 and up
Sample page

Publisher: Fat Brain Toy Company, 2010 [discontinued]

I'm delighted this book is now available in digital form at my Teachers Pay Teacher store as:

Fraction Fun

Please check it out.

Author's note: This book was first published as Fraction Frolics by Nasco.


“This book is dedicated to my sister Mary Louise who enthusiastically encourages me in my writing and to a joyous God who created us to share in his joy.”

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