Animal Wordoku

Publisher: MindWare

Publishing Date: 2010

Catalog Number: 44207

ISBN: 978-1-933054-97-1

Purchase Site: On-line

Sample page

This book is a new twist on one of the most fun kinds of logic challenges. Fill in the missing puzzle letters so that every row, column, and section (regardless of its shape) has all the letters from the given animal name.

In addition to the wordoku puzzles, the book includes fun facts about each animal, plus a "More Fun" research question.

If you need for the puzzles to be easier for your children, simply go to the answer key and select one or more letters to add back into the puzzle.

For grades 2 and up.

[Note for central Kentuckians: Morris Book Shop and Joseph-Beth carry this book.]

Author's note: This was such a fun book to create, and I learned so many fascinating things about animals in researching it. It's the eighth book I've co-authored with my daughter, Susan Elizabeth Christensen. She's fabulous as a writing partner.


“This book is dedicated to our wonderful husbands and to the Creator of all these amazing animals.”

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