Venn Perplexors Level A

Fun activities that involve sorting words and pictures into sets and subsets using Venn diagrams. Builds reading vocabulary and logic skills. Provides practice with concepts such as living/non-living, plants/animals, hot/cold, big/little, soft/hard, etc. The first half of the book has pictures with words; the second half has just words.

A good resource for working with children who are learning English as a second language.

For grades Pre-K to 2

Sample page

Publisher: MindWare, 2003 [discontinued]

I'm delighted this book is now available in digital form at my Teachers Pay Teacher store as:

Venn Puzzlers Level A

Please check it out.

Author's note: This was the first book I wrote for MindWare. I had fun creating the illustrations for it as well as the puzzles.

Dedication: "This book is dedicated to children everywhere, but especially to those I teach, and to a loving God who gave us an orderly universe."

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