Clip Clue Puzzles

For grades 3-5
Sample page

For grade 5 and up
Sample page

If you thought paper clips were just for holding papers, you're in for a fun surprise with these two sets of puzzles. Read the clues, then arrange a clip chain that satisfies all the clues. As you work the puzzles alone or in small groups, become a sharper thinker by improving skills in problem-solving, analyzing, evaluating, and reading.

Note: the last 36 puzzles in Level A utilize math skills, as well as logic. See the sample page for examples.

Each book has 100 puzzles.

Publisher: MindWare, 2007 [discontinued]

I'm delighted these books are now available in digital form at my Teachers Pay Teacher store.

  • The first 64 puzzles in Level A
       are published as Clip Clue Logic Puzzles Level A.

  • The last 36 puzzles in Level A plus 30 new puzzles
       are published as Clip Clue Math Puzzles.

  • Level B is published as Clip Clue Logic Puzzles Level B.

  • Please check them out.

    Author's note: The original Clip-Clue Puzzles, published by Dale Seymour Publications, was my very first book and has always been one of my favorites. I was delighted when MindWare asked me to create additional puzzles to expand the set into two books and that now the set has been expanded to three books and is available through Teachers Pay Teachers. Hopefully, many more puzzle lovers will enjoy them for years to come.

    "This book is dedicated to my wonderful family and to God, the ultimate problem solver."

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