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Writing for Children's Magazines - An Ezine

This includes a list of links to children's magazine websites and to their submission guidelines, if those are available online.

Educational Markets for Children's Writers - The List

For those of you interested in writing books for the children's educational market, I've compiled a list of markets with links to publisher websites and to online submission guidelines. If you'd like to be on my mailing list to receive notice of updates to this list please email me with "Education Market Updates" in the subject line.

Tips for Writing for the Education Market - A Resource

If you're fairly new to writing for the education market, this page provides help.


Writers, you might find this article, "Keeping Those Babies Sent Out," useful. It describes the color-coded method I use for keeping track of my magazine submissions.

Do you wonder about the differences in children's genres? This guest article, "Understanding Children's Book Genres," by Laura Backes can clear up the confusion.

If you often unhappily compare yourself to other writers you might want to read my article, "The Big Acceptance!"

Do you want to improve your ability to write dialogue? Carolyn Howard-Johnson's guest article, "Seven Easy Ways to Keep Dialogue Sharp," gives some helpful tips.

"Becoming a Puzzle Master" gives lots of information about writing and marketing puzzles. It's the transcript of the questions/answers from an online workshop I did.

If you create crossword puzzles and want to know how to format them in a Word document, I give you the steps in "Formatting a Crossword Puzzle in Word."

Wanting to format a word search puzzle in a Word document? Check out how in my article: "Formatting a Word Search Puzzle in Word."

Book Reviews

The Frugal Editor by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children's Books, Get Them Published, and Build a Successful Writing Career by Nancy I. Sanders

If you want to have a career as a children's writer, this book is an excellent resource. The successful author of more than 75 published books, Sanders knows the "tricks of the trade" and generously shares them here--everything from time management and setting goals to critique groups and targeting publishers. She has keen insights into the need for career-oriented writers to focus on what she calls the Triple Crown of Success--the multiple goals of writing for personal fulfillment, writing to get published, and writing to earn income, and she has oodles of concrete suggestions for accomplishing all three. Her strategies of searching for potential book contracts and piggybacking on already successful book series are explained in detail. She even has separate tips for newbies and for experienced authors. In addition to all the practical advice, Sanders' book is filled with inspiration and encouragement, so that the reader really does come away with the feeling--Yes! I Can!

Helpful Sites for Children's Writers

The Institute of Children's Literature--oodles of information and archived articles; you can also sign up for a helpful, free email newsletter

Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators-- a professional international organization for writers and illustrators of children's literature

Verla Kay's Website--lots of helpful resources and a terrific children's writers forum

Write4Kids/CBI Clubhouse--free resources and email newsletter; an abundance of additional information for a small member fee

The Purple Crayon--plenty of articles, tips, and info about writing for children

JacketFlap--a wonderful market resource! Detailed information on just about every children's book publisher

Ellen Jackson--lots of articles for writers, interviews of children's writers, teaching resources, list of children's editors and their preferences

Nancy I. Sanders' Blog--regular posting of outstanding, helpful information for writers

Cynthia Leitich Smith--a wealth of information including articles, interviews, bibliographies, and an extensive list of children's author and illustrator websites

Susan Taylor Brown--lots of resources for teachers and writers, database for teaching guides for children's books, children's author match game

National Writing for Children Center--great resource for writers and also the sponsor for the online radio program, Book Bites for Kids

Resources for Children's Writers--Rachelle Burk's amazing list of links to over 25 categories of helpful resources

Websites of Some of My Writing Friends

Janeen Adil--wonderful non-fiction writer! Nature-related topics are among her favorites.

Vijaya Bodach--fabulous science and math writer. Author of more than 25 books and 50 magazine pieces.

Mirka Breen--long-time writing pal; excellent author of The Voice of Thunder, a middle grade historical novel, and There's a Turkey at the Door, a picture book.

Tina Cho--talented writer of 20 easy readers and many magazine pieces.

Mary Rand Hess--fine author of The Day I Met the Nuts and Editor of Story Pie Press.

Diane Hower--a wonderful author/illustrator; former critique group buddies.

Ellen Jackson--award-winning author of both fiction and non-fiction. Cinder Edna and Earth Mother are two favorites among her many outstanding books.

Nancy I. Sanders--top-notch author of more than 75 books!

Ben Woodard--fun, creative writer and member of my local critique group.

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