Adventures with Area

Publisher: Nasco

Publishing Date: 2007

Catalog Number: TB23189T

On-line Purchase Site: Nasco

See sample puzzle: sample

This book is full of fun figures (like rockets, castles, birds, and foxes) which look, at first glance, as if finding their areas would be really hard. The key, however, is in breaking the puzzle figures down into parts, and the book helps you learn, step by step, how easy it is!

For grades 4 and up.

Author's note: This approach to area is so much fun! I really enjoyed creating the figures for the book and encourage you to let students create their own designs once they've learned how the process works. They can then exchange puzzles with each other.


"This book is dedicated to Natalee and Bev for their wonderful encouragement and
to a God of grace who longs to be involved in all areas of our lives."

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