Math Busters: Multiplication and Division

For grades 3-6
Sample page

For grades 3-6
Sample page

Nearly everybody enjoys solving a good mystery or cracking a code, so shine up your Sherlock sleuthing skills with Math Busters: Multiplication or Division! Each puzzle page includes a mystery question which young math students work towards answering as they solve the problems. The Division mystery questions focus on fascinating facts about animals. The Multiplication mysteries are a mixture from many different subject areas.

The puzzles also help students practice important map-reading skills. Each clue is given in terms of a north, south, east or west direction. To solve the mystery, a student must follow the directions correctly and make their way through a maze of letters.

Publisher: Fat Brain Toy Company, 2010 [discontinued]

I'm delighted these two books are now available in digital form at my Teachers Pay Teacher store as:

Multiplication Mysteries and Division Decoders.

Please check them out.

Author's note: These books were first published as Multiplication Mysteries and Division Decoders by Nasco.


Multiplication...“This book is dedicated to my brother Bill who has a wonderfully inquisitive mind and
     to an omniscient God who has the answers to all the great mysteries of life.”

Division...“This book is dedicated to my brother Ross who loves nature and
     to the Creator God who has filled our world with such amazing creatures.”

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