Spellbinders Level A

Publisher: Nasco
Publishing Date: 2007
Catalog #: 1504897L
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For grades 2-4
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These enthralling puzzles will keep you and your students spellbound, in the best sense of the word! Small words, bound within longer words, await students' ingenuity in identifying them, correctly spelling them, and strategically placing them in sentences to produce logical statements. In addition to being great fun, the puzzles also help improve reading skills, reinforce spelling skills, and provide an opportunity to expand vocabulary.

This book has 240 puzzles.

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Word Wrappers Level A

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Author's note: This was a fun set of books to co-author with my daughter Susan--our fourth project together. We hope you have as much fun working the puzzles as we had creating them. You can be thankful that some of our more "way-out" sentences did not get included in the books!

"This book is dedicated to Nana and Papa, who are very dear to us, and to a loving God, who shares with us the gift of words."

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