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My picture book is out!
The Twelve Days of Christmas in Kentucky

My Teachers Pay Teachers "store" is also open!

Please check it out. Lots of digital puzzle books like these at great prices!


I'm also celebrating that my number
of publications (books and games) have now
topped 50 and my total books sold
have topped half a million!

I'm delighted you've come to my website! Hope you enjoy the puzzles, activities, and articles as well as the info about my books.

WRITERS--If you write for the education market, I have a list of Educational Publishers for you. If you write for children's magazines, check out my EZINE.

My non-writing goal as an author is to help other authors achieve their publishing dreams.

My writing goal is to make learning fun!

Developing materials that help children enjoy learning and that help make the teacher's job easier is one of my greatest delights.

I hope you have fun with my creations! The levels of the books range in difficulty from pre-school to adult.

          Evelyn B. Christensen
          Author and Puzzle Creator

Inchimals won a
Teachers' Choice Award,
a Creative Child Award,
and a NAPPA Award

Aba-Conundrums won a
Parents' Choice Award
and a Creative Child Award

What Else is New?

Where I'll be when.

Every week I post new puzzles and activities for you.

My puzzles are in Fun for Kidz, CHill Kids, Kid's Imagination Train, and Pockets.

My website was recommended in SCBWI's Bulletin, p.26.

Puzzles in Fun for Kidz, CHill Kids, and Pockets.

June 20
I'm excited to be featured in a Huffington Post article!

I have puzzles in Pockets and CHill Kids.

May 15
I was at Jessamine County Library's Local Author Fair.

Puzzles in Fun for Kidz, Kid's Imagination Train, Pockets, and CHill Kids.

April 28
I was at Jessie Clark Middle School's literacy event. Fun!

Look for my puzzles in Fun for Kidz and CHill Kids.

I have puzzles in Hopscotch, Boys' Quest, and CHill Kids.

Puzzles in Fun for Kidz, CHill Kids, Kid's Imagination Train, Pockets, and Highlights.

Look for my puzzles in Boys' Quest, Hopscotch, & CHill Kids.

I have puzzles in Pockets, CHill Kids, Fun for Kidz, and Kid's Imagination Train.

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