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Helpful Sites for Teachers

Two Awesome Authors--helpful resources for reading and writing

Math Is Fun--just what it sounds like, a place to have fun with math

Math Playground--lots of fun math and logic games; plenty of worksheets

Enchanted Learning--oodles of resources; plus booklets, worksheets, and activites to download for members

A+ Math--math games, worksheets, flashcards, and homework helper

Interactive Mathematics--games, challenging puzzles and oodles of interesting math stuff

Learning Page--activity sheets, booklets, and lesson plans to download

TeachingBooks--videos of authors reading their books and illustrators telling about their work, links to teaching guides, lots more resources about books and authors

Internet4classrooms--probably every link for teaching you could possibly want

ProTeacher Community--discussion forum for teachers

The School Bell--wonderful resources for every elementary theme unit

Jeff Mondak--if you want to get kids excited about poetry this is a fun site

Sites for Teachers--a terrific, comprehensive list of helpful teaching sites

Author Visits by State--a list by state of authors who will do school visits

InfoPlease--type in a year and find out what was going on in the world at that time

Fact Monster--great resource for kids of all kinds of interesting information

Knoword--fun game for building vocabulary

Construct a Word--practice in building rhyming words

Free Rice--fun vocabulary quiz (playing donates rice to feed the hungry)

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