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Magazine Markets for Young Writers


The magazines listed on this page accept submissions from young writers or illustrators. Additional magazines on the regular list may also accept submissions from young writers, but the publications here specifically say they want them.

A few are not technically magazines but are places where your work can be published.

The age range listed after the title is the targeted audience. The age range listed after the submission guidelines indicates the ages eligible for submitting. If no age is listed, they are open to both kids and adults.

[I] means the publication is only on the internet, not a print magazine. Sometimes a publisher does both.

$x means the publication is a non-paying market. $ means it pays. The absence of a symbol means I don't know.

If you know of corrections or additions to the list, please email me.

Please note: All of these publications are listed here in good faith, but I can make no guarantees about any of these publishers or the information found on any of these sites.




[I] Adroit Journal [High school and up]
    Submission guidelines [$x]

[I] Alphabet Soup [Australia; ages 6-12]
    Submission guidelines [Only kids; $x]

[I] Amazing Kids [Ages 5-12]
    Submission guidelines [Ages 5-18; $x]

American Girl [Ages 8 and up]
    Submission guidelines [Only kids; only NF]

[I] Anansesem [Caribbean; ages 8-16]
    Submission guidelines [$x]

Apprentice Writer [High school literary]
    Submission guidelines [Grades 9-12; $x]
    Only open to submissions Jan. 1 to Mar. 15.

[I] Balloons Literary Journal
    Submission guidelines [$x]

Bazoof [Ages 7-12; Canadian; formerly Zamoof]
    Submission guidelines [Ages 7-14; $x]

[I] Blue Marble Review [Ages 13-21]
    Submission guidelines

BYOU “Be Your Own You” Magazine [Girls; ages 7-15]
    Submission information [$x]

Canvas Teen Literary Journal [Ages 13-18]
    Submissions temporarily closed; new site being developed.

Chautauqua [Young Voices section; ages 12-18]
    Submission guidelines [Ages 12-18; $x]

[I] CheerLiving
    submission guidelines

The Claremont Review [Ages 13-19; Canadian literary]
    Submission guidelines [Ages 13-19; $]

[I] Crashtest [Grades 9-12]
    Submission guidelines [Grades 9-12; $x]

The Crawl Space Journal
    Submission guidelines [Ages 13-17; $x]

Daphne Review [Literary & arts; ages 13-18]
    Submission guidelines [Ages 13-18; $x]

Ember [All ages]
    Submission guidelines [Ages 10 and up; $]
    Editor interview

Face Up [Irish; Christian; ages 14-18]
    Submission information [$x]

Fandom Universe
    Submission guidelines are on the same page. [$x]

Faze [Canadian; ages 12-24]
    Submission guidelines [Written by teens and young adults]

For Girls Like You [Christian; ages 6-12
    Submission guidelines [$x]

Forest for the Trees [Literary journal; teens]
    Submission guidelines [$x]

Girls' Life [Ages 10-15]
    Submission information

[I] Go! [Grades 6 and up]
    Submission information [Grades 6 and up; $x]
    contact information

[I] Guardian Angel Kids [Ages 2-12]
    Submission guidelines [Up to age 14 and adults; $]

Hanging Loose
    Submission guidelines [High school students and up; $]

[I] Jewish Girls Unite
    Submission guidelines [$x]

[I] Kid Spirit
    Submission guidelines [Ages 11-17; $x]

[I] Kid's Imagination Train [Ages 6-12]
    Submission guidelines [Illustrators only; ages 5-12; $x]
    Editor interview

[I] Launch Pad [Ages 6-14]
    Submission guidelines [Ages 6-14; $x]
    Currently closed to submissions.

Leading Edge [YA, sci-fi/fantasy]
    Submission guidelines [$]

The Louisville Review (Children's Corner)
    Submission guidelines [K-12, $x]

Magic Dragon Magazine [Elementary kids]
    Submission guidelines [Elementary kids; $x]

Military Kids' Life [Non-fiction; ages 6-14]
    Submission guidelines

Mishpacha TeenPages [Jewish]
    Submission guidelines

[I] Native Youth Magazine [Ages 12-25]
    Contact information

New Moon Girls [Ages 8-14]
    Submission guidelines [Girls ages 8-14 are preferred]

One Teen Story
    Submission guidelines [Ages 13-19; $]

[I] Parallel Ink [Ages 12-18]
    Click 'Enter' to find submission guidelines [Ages 12-18; $x]

Peer [Christian; ages 16-22]
    Submission guidelines

Polyphony H.S. [High school; literary]
    Submission guidelines [High school; $x]

Rattle [Poetry; all ages]
    Submission guidelines [$]

[I] Relate [Christian, teen girls]
    Submission guidelines [$x]

[I] The Round [Literary and visual arts]
    Submission guidelines [$x]

Skipping Stones [Multicultural; ages 8-16]
    Submission guidelines [Ages 7-18; $x]
    Editor interview

[I] Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids
    Submission guidelines [$x]

[I] Spaceports and Spidersilk [Formerly KidVisions; ages 8-17]
    Submission guidelines [$; fantasy,sci-fi]

Stinkwaves [YA; literary magazine]
    Submission guidelines [$x]
    Editor interview

Stone Soup [Ages 8-13]
    Submission guidelines [Up to age 13; $]

[I] Storgy Kids [Ages 8-12]
    Submission guidelines [$x]

[I] Storybird
    [create and publish an illustrated story online]

Story Monsters Ink
    Submission guidelines [Up to age 18; $x]

Teen Graffiti [Teens writing for teens; $x]
    Contact information

Teen Ink [Ages 13-19]
    Submission guidelines [Ages 13-19; $x]

Teen Voices [Teen girls]
    Submission guidelines [Girls 13-19; $]

[I] The Telling Room [Ages 6-18]
    Submission guidelines

[I] Tunnel [High schoolers]
    Submission guidelines [Young people, any age; $x].

Unlocked [Christian; teens]
    Submission guidelines [Teens; $]

Vademecum Magazine [High school; literary]
    Submission guidelines [High school; $x]

[I] Word Smorgasbord [Literary journal]
    Submission guidelines [Ages elementary to college; $x]

[I] The Writer's Slate [Grades K-12]
    Submission guidelines [Grades K-12; $x]

[I] Writing with Writers
    Free online writing workshops with publishing possibility.

[I] YARN [Young adult; literary]
    Submission guidelines [$x]
    Editor interview

[I] Youth Imagination [Teens]
    Submission guidelines [Teens; $]
    Editor interview



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