Market Notes

  • Bellwether
    [6/5/18] In response to a query:

    "Bellwether does sometimes hire freelance writers. Feel free to send your resume and writing samples to, or to 6012 Blue Circle Drive, Minnetonka, MN 55343."

  • Bender Richardson White
    [2/1/21] In response to my query, Lionel Bender, Editorial Director of BRW, said:

    "BRW produces children's illustrated non-fiction and supplemental materials. Please look at our website for an insight. To be considered as a potential non-fiction author, send a resumé detailing published works, areas of speciality and age ranges, educational background, and contact details. Attachments are fine. Send to the Editorial Director at"

  • BookRags
    [3/22/18] This publisher is looking for writers who have a literature background and are able to write complex literary analysis in a style accessible to advanced high school students. To be considered, send your resume and a five-page writing sample that shows your analysis of a literary text to: Laurel Rayburn at laurel(dot)rayburn (at) bookrags(dot)com.

  • Cavendish Square Publishing
    [4/28/13] Cavendish Square Publishing is a new educational publishing company founded by Roger Rosen. In March 2013, they acquired Marshall Cavendish’s North American library operation, including the Benchmark, Bookworm, MC Reference, and MC Digital lists. Their headquarters are based in New York City at 303 Park Ave. South, Suite 1247. Existing or prospective authors who wish to get in touch with the editorial staff at Cavendish Square should email questions or contact information to

  • Cherry Lake
    [8/7/18] When I asked if Cherry Lake was willing to have freelance writers send their resume and writing samples to be considered for the publisher's panel of writers, their reply was yes. They said, "Please email your information to: submissions (at) sleepingbearpress (dot) com."

  • The Child's World
    [1/23/12] Does not accept unsolicited submissions. Also does not make assignments to freelance authors. All assignments for their books are made through packagers. The three main ones they use are Shoreline Publishing Group, Editorial Directions, and Red Line Editorial.

  • Classroom Complete
    [10/14/20] In response to my query:

    "We no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts; however, we are always looking for new authors to write in-house content for us on a contract basis." Email to request a submission guidelines pdf form. Email the completed form, along with a cover letter, resume, and a few samples of your writing.
    Sarah Joubert, Editor

  • The Creative Company
    [6/6/18] Has 2 imprints. Creative Education imprint:
    "The vast majority of our titles are nonfiction children’s books, organized in series, that embrace a variety of subjects, including science, sports, music, history, zoology, architecture, and geography. We primarily market to school and public libraries. Nonfiction series proposals should generally include four to eight titles per series. Each individual title should run between 350 and 5,000 words in length and be written for a reading audience somewhere between kindergarten and eighth grade. Please include a few sample manuscript pages with your proposal and outline. There are no subject restrictions. Proposals and manuscripts will not be returned unless a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage is included. Response time is usually three months."

    Mail Creative Education submissions to:
    The Creative Company
    Attn: Manuscript Submissions
    P.O. Box 227
    Mankato, MN 56002

    Creative Editions imprint:
    Publishes 10-12 picture books per year. May be stories, non-fiction, or poetry. Primary categories are: board books for ages 2–5, picture books for ages 4–6, and illustrated nonfiction for middle school. Word count should not exceed 2500 for highest level.

    Email Creative Editions submissions to:

  • EarlyLight Books
    [8/18/16] "For the time being, we are producing books as packages for other publishers instead of publishing....We do use freelancers but they usually need such specific content knowledge that it may not be worth it to suggest us to writers for now."

  • e-future
    [10/14/20] In response to my query:

    "If you are interested in working as a freelance writer with us, please send us your resume through Unfortunately we don't have projects now. But when we need freelancers, we will contact you."
    Hee Kyoung Kim, e-future editorial team

    Note: They said they will fix the broken "Publishing with Us" link on their site soon.

  • ETA hand2mind
    For information on the submission process contact:
    Mary Watanabe, Product Development Manager
    ETA hand2mind
    500 Greenview Court
    Vernon Hills, IL 60061-1862
    She prefers e-mail:

  • Educational Testing Service
    Although it is not mentioned on their website, ETS does use outside writers for developing test questions. Send your resume to Charlie Betz, ETS Research, at cbetz@ETS.ORG. It will then be forwarded to the appropriate department for review.

  • Gallopade
    [4/29/15] As of this date, they were looking for freelancers to write standards-aligned social studies content for their new interactive digital workbooks. Contact Michele Yother at michele[at]gallopade[dot]com. If you're not available for this project, but are interested in future projects, you can send your resume/information and put 'Future Work' in the email subject line.

  • Gradesaver
    [1/9/16] Apply to write lesson plans by sending your resume to If you are qualified, you will be asked to complete, within a week, a short test assignment. Upon acceptance as a writer, you will have one month for each assignment and will be paid a flat fee of usually $700 per title. After successful completion of the first title, you may choose new assignments as often as you can do them.

  • Jump Start Press
    [1/10/11] Jump Start Press specializes in instructional materials for educational publishing clients--materials like teacher's guides, workbooks, student resources, etc.

    Send query letter to Mary Pearce. Give evidence of successful previous experience in writing for educational publishers.

  • Kaleidoscope
    [10/6/20] In response to my query:

    They do not have current freelance openings. "At Kaleidoscope, we strive to create narrative nonfiction books that support young and struggling readers. If you would like to be considered for future publication seasons, please reply with your resume and a few writing samples."
    Send to Renata Erickson, Kaleidoscope Associate Editor, at

  • Learning A-Z
    [9/9/15] Learning A-Z does not accept submissions or queries, because their books follow strict text guidelines. If you wish to be considered for writing assignments, send a writing sample along with a list of your general writing interests and the grade levels at which you are comfortable writing. The writing sample may be either published or unpublished work. Samples will not be considered for publication unless you re-submit them in response to a specific assignment. Samples sent by mail will not be returned. Learning A-Z may not have immediate assignments available.

    Email information can be sent to:

    Mailed information can be sent to:
    Learning A-Z
    Attn: Editorial
    1840 E. River Rd., Suite 320
    Tucson, AZ 85718

  • Little Fox
    [4/15/15] The specific project as of this date was for sports fiction, 5th grade reading level, 8 chapters of about 1050-1100 words. For more information contact Senior Editor Susan Korman at: susanjkorman [at] gmail [dot] com. She says the series is likely to be ongoing and they have other series projects you can be considered for. [email address updated 8/20/18]

  • Lucent
    [10/29/14] Uses freelancers for work-for-hire projects. To be considered send a cover letter with your resume and writing samples. Direct your letter to Cathy MacKillop [cathy(dot)mackillop (at) cengage(dot)com].

  • McDonald Publishing Company creates educational materials written by teachers that address major concepts in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. They do not publish fiction, teacher resource books, or kits or units that include many parts or components. To familiarize yourself with the kinds of products they produce, visit their website. To submit a product idea to them, please include the following:

    1. a letter that details your teaching qualifications and experience
    2. an overview of your product idea, its usefulness, and how it is different from other educational products on the market
    3. sample pages that demonstrate the kinds of activities your work would include

    Do not send original copies of manuscripts or artwork. Also, be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope large enough to hold your materials. Direct your submission to:

    Development Editor
    McDonald Publishing Company
    567 Hanley Industrial Ct.
    St. Louis, MO 63144-1901

  • McGraw-Hill Education Group
    [5-12-11] Accepts unsolicited submissions. For Glencoe, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, and SRA send to:

    McGraw-Hill Education Group
    Attn: Editorial Department
    8787 Orion Place
    Columbus, OH 43240

  • Nathan Levy Books
    Query by telephone 732-605-1643 and speak to Nathan Levy directly to have your work considered.

  • Nasco
    For information on math or language arts submissions contact:
    Connie Kolander, Director of Math & Literacy Educational Sales
    901 Janesville Avenue
    P.O. Box 901
    Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0901

  • PowerKids Press
    Send queries only to:
    Rachel O’Connor, Editorial Director
    PowerKids Press
    29 E 21st Street
    New York NY 10010
    Phone: 800-237-9932

  • Ransom
    [7/29/16] They accept queries from writers worldwide. Guidelines are

  • Ready-Ed Publications
    --Accepts unsolicited submissions but prefers queries followed by a proposal.
    --You may email Tim Lowson for submission guidelines at
    --Ready-Ed gives royalty based contracts; advances are offered only after authors have done several books with them.
    --They use work-for-hire writers, but again, only after the authors have done several books and have shown their "worth".

  • Red Shed
    [7/29/13] Red Shed is a new NF imprint of Egmont due to launch its first titles in spring of 2014. Melissa Fairley heads the imprint. Commissioning editor is Emma Dods. According to Egmont's
    website, submissions should be emailed to .

  • Ruby Tuesday Books
    [3/1/18] Accept unsolicited manuscripts, but will not be reviewing new submissions until May/June at the earliest.
    They don't use many freelance writers, but are happy to have your CV on file.
    Submissions or CVs may be sent to Ruth Owen at ruth (at) rubytuesdaybooks (dot) com
    or by post to the address on their contact page.
    Ruby Tuesday Books are distributed in the US and Canada by Bearport Publishing.

  • Science House Publishing
    [6/11/19] This packager is still in business even though the site has nothing on it more recent than 2009. Sarah Martin responded to my email questions saying, "We only hire people with experience writing for the K-8 market."

  • Social Studies School Service
    [6/5/18] To be considered for freelance assignments at Social Studies School Service and its divisions, send your resume and writing samples to: submissions (at) socialstudies (dot) com. Its divisions include The Center for Learning, Good Year Books, Interact, J. Weston Walch Publisher (in social studies), and MindSparks.

    Dawn Dawson, Director of Publishing
    Social Studies School Service
    10200 Jefferson Blvd.
    Culver City, CA 90232

    In the past, they have been receptive to unsolicited manuscripts, asking that a query be sent; I don't know their current status about unsolicited manuscripts.

  • What on Earth Books
    [3/2/20] In response to my inquiry, I was told that they accept unsolicited submissions and that they also use freelancers. Email patrick(at)whatonearthbooks(dot)com with your CV or submission or any information that you feel is relevant. Or email Katy Lennon, Editor at katy(at)whatonearthbooks(dot)com with your CV or proposal.

  • World Book
    [3/15/11] Nonfiction only. No submissions; only queries. Send an outline and synopsis to:
    Paul Kobasa, Editor-in-Chief
    World Book, Inc.
    233 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2000
    Chicago, IL 60601

  • The Wright Group/McGraw Hill
    Send complete manuscript or 3 chapters plus outline/synopsis to:
    Judy Sommer, Vice President Marketing
    130 E. Randolph, 4th Floor
    Chicago IL 60601

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