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  Market Tidbits for August 2018  

by Evelyn B. Christensen




Additions to the Adult Writers' List

• Root & Star is "dedicated to bringing quality art and literature to children and those who love them." This is a very creative magazine and you really need to check out their website to see what they're all about. The full-color, print magazine is published six times a year. It's aimed at ages 4-8, although they say it "can be enjoyed by ALL age groups." Submission guidelines are here. This is a non-paying market.

• Zizzle is a brand new international literary magazine for young readers, ages 10-14, that will be publishing both print and online. They are accepting submissions of flash fiction (500-1,200 words) for which they'll pay $100. Accepted art work will be paid $50. Here are their submission guidelines.

• Storgy Kids is an online magazine with short stories for kids ages 8-12, with some young adult fiction also, and book reviews and author interviews. Submission guidelines are here. This is a non-paying market.

• Brio is a Christian magazine for teen girls that debuted in 1990, but was discontinued in 2009. It is now back. Focus on the Family publishes the print magazine ten times a year. Submission guidelines are here. This is a paying market.

Additions to the Young Writers' List

• Teen Voices which is part of Women's eNews online is looking for girls who are interested in journalism and media to write for its site. All girls 13-19 years old are invited. Submission guidelines are here. This is a paying market. They also have a special initiative for girls with physical disabilities.

• Storgy Kids (see above) is happy to have submissions from younger writers.

Updates on Theme Lists

• Muse

• Pockets

• Faces

• Dig

• New Moon Girls

• The School Magazine

• Fun For Kidz

Calls for Submission

Cricket has the following calls for submissions: "Make a Splash" due August 15th and "Curtain Call" due September 15th. See the website for details.


Pockets' deadline for its fiction contest is August 15.

This and That

• Cicada is currently closed to submissions.

• Highlights is closed to submissions until September 16, 2018. When they reopen they will invite submissions on specific current needs only, which they will list on their website.

• Kids, ages 6-12, can apply to be on Pockets' Kid’s Advisory Board for one year. Check here for details.

• Wee Tales and Refractions are making changes to the structure and schedule of their journals. They are due to have new submission guidelines up for those projects as of August 1st.

• The School Magazine has reopened submissions.

• Canvas Teen Literary Journal is revamping their website. Not currently taking submissions.


Alfie Dog has not been accepting submissions for a while and now no longer has submission information on its website, so I'm removing it from the list.

Teenage Christian has apparently closed. Its link no longer works and I'm unable to find a new link.

Blue Pencil Online appears to be defunct. There's nothing new on their site since 2015.

Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine is now open only to invited readers, so I have removed it from the list.

Sprout Literary Journal seems to have died. The link is broken and I'm unable to find a new one.

Creative Kids, published by Prufrock Press, has been discontinued. Its last issue was Summer 2017.

Updated Links in the Adult List

• Animal Tales

• Frostfire Worlds

• Youth Imagination

Updated Links in the Young Writers' List

• Youth Imagination

• Wee Tales


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Writing for Children's Magazines, August 2018.



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