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  Market Tidbits for November 2018  

by Evelyn B. Christensen




Final Issue

In case you didn't see the note on the ezine home page, this is the final issue of the ezine. I've enjoyed providing this resource for you for the past six and a half years, but it's time to stop. I will still plan to pass on to you, via our Yahoo group, any market tidbits I run across. If you aren't a member of that group and want to join, sign up for it at Write4ChildrensMags Yahoo group. I will also maintain the ezine's homepage with the lists at the bottom of links to magazines and their submission guidelines. Since I won't regularly be checking all 400+ links, please let me know if you run across broken or outdated ones.

Additions to the Adult Writers' List

Green Teacher is a quarterly magazine for those working with young people, aged 6-19, inside and outside of schools. It publishes articles and also activities to do with kids. Submission guidelines are here. This is not a paying market.

Adroit Journal is a quarterly online literary magazine for high school and college students and adults. Adroint publishes poetry, fiction, flash fiction, and art/photography. Submission guidelines are here. This is a non-paying market.

Wunderdog Magazine is a new online magazine about dogs. Their site says a print magazine is coming soon. Submission information is here. This is a non-paying market.

Additions to the Young Writers' List

Adroit Journal publishes art and writing from high school and college students, as well as from adults. See above for more information.

Amazing Kids is an online publication for kids ages 5-12. It publishes material by kids ages 5-18. Submission guidelines are here. This is a non-paying market.

Theme Lists Updates


Fun For Kidz

Submission Guidelines

Highlights has revised their submission guidelines as of 9/17/18. They are now considering manuscripts on specific current needs only, which are listed on their website. These will be updated monthly.


Writing Conference has a writing contest for students. The deadline is January 8th. The theme this year is "Friendship." Check here for guidelines. Winners are published in Writer's Slate.



Updated Links in the Adult List

New Moon Girls and themes

Updated Links in the Young Writers' List

New Moon Girls, submission guidelines, and themes

Writing for Children's Magazines, November 2018.



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