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  Market Tidbits for August 2017  

by Evelyn B. Christensen




Addition to the Adult Writers' List

For Girls Like You is a quarterly print magazine for ages 6-12. According to their website, "each issue is full of fun articles, features and photos designed to reaffirm and grow girls in the love of Christ!" Submission guidelines are here. This is a non-paying market.

Additions to the Young Writers' List

For Girls Like You also uses pieces written by young writers. (See above for details.)

Word Smorgasbord is an online literary journal composed entirely of pieces written by young authors, ranging in age from elementary school to college. Submission guidelines are here. This is a non-paying market.

Theme Lists Updates

Young Salvationist




Fun For Kidz


Submission Guidelines

Highlights says they are currently acccepting very little poetry. If you do send some, the maximum length is 16 lines. Their present needs are non-rhyming verse, humorous poems, and holiday-themed poems. They are buying little nature-themed poetry.

Highlights Hello has reopened submissions. Their website page says they are "sporting a new, updated look as of the May 2017 issue. Texts are accompanied by more colorful graphics, photos, and mixed media. Before submitting, writers may find it helpful to examine recent sample issues."


Submissions for Pockets Annual Fiction Contest are open until August 15th.

This and That

Susan Uhlig has an excellent article on her website titled "Writing for Children's Religious Magazines".

Bumples website was malfunctioning for a couple of weeks, but is now back up and running. The editor says she's trying to catch up on submissions.

Yarn is closed to submissions until approximately September 15th.

Updated Links in the Adult List

Friend submission guidelines

Spirit Online and submission guidelines

Sunday School Network submission guidelines


The next issue of Writing for Children's Magazines will be published in November.

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Writing for Children's Magazines, August 2017.



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