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  Market Tidbits for January 2014  

by Evelyn B. Christensen




Additions to the Adult Writers' List

Leading Edge is a semiannual, student-run magazine with both print and electronic versions for a YA targeted audience. Published by Brigham-Young University, it is dedicated to the presentation of new and upcoming talent. They are looking for science fiction and fantasy short stories and poetry. Submission guidelines are here. This appears to be a paying market, but I'm not certain of that.

East of the Web is a site that publishes online short stories for all ages. They have a specific section designated for children's stories. Submission guidelines are here. This is a non-paying market. They provide you an author page with bio, links, and a list of your other works.

Additions to the Young Writers' List

Vademecum Magazine is a student-run high school literary print publication. The quarterly magazine publishes poetry, prose, and black-and-white photography that "illuminate aspects of the everyday that are frequently unseen, un-ogled, unappreciated." This is a non-paying market. Submission guidelines are here.

Leading Edge. See information above.

Frodo's Notebook

Frodo's Notebook is in the process of changing to a new format and website with a new name-- Young Writers. They will no longer be accepting submissions from adults, only writers ages 13-19. They are not yet accepting new submissions, but guidelines are here. This is still a non-paying market.

Theme List

Guardian Angel Kids has posted its theme list for 2014.


Aletheia has been discontinued.

Stories that Lift, The website domain name has expired, so I assume this publication has ceased.

Updated Links in the Adult List

Kid's Imagination Train--Submission guidelines.

Sports Illustrated for Kids--contact information.

The Story Shack is currently closed to submissions.

Suddently Lost in Words has reopened submissions.


The next issue of Writing for Children's Magazines will be published in March.

If you're interested, you can sign up for the Writing for Children's Magazines Yahoo group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Write4ChildrensMags/. I'll send an email notice to the group each time I post a new issue. I may also occasionally send updates between issues, especially if the information is time-sensitive.

Writing for Children's Magazines, January 2014


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