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  Market Tidbits for September 2013  

by Evelyn B. Christensen




New Yahoo Group

Since a lot of people have asked how they can be notified when new issues of Writing for Children's Magazines are published, I decided to start a Yahoo group. If you're interested, you can sign up for the group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Write4ChildrensMags/. I'll send a notice to the group each time I post a new issue, and members of the group will get the notice as an email. I don't anticipate a lot of other activity in the group, but I may occasionally send updates between issues, especially if the information is time-sensitive.

Additions to the Adult Writers' List

• My Kids' Adventures is a wonderful new online magazine whose purpose is to "help parents have amazing adventures with their kids (aged 5-11), anywhere--from the home to the backyard to the great outdoors." They are looking for writers who can provide them with activities that are "simple, inexpensive and not tied to any particular destination. The more adventurous, exciting and unique, the better!" Articles should be 700-2500 words in length and include lots of pictures (landscape orientation preferred) illustrating each step of the activity. This is a non-paying market, but writers can link their author bio to their web site, blog, twitter account, etc. to generate traffic from MKA readers. Check here for how to write for MKA.

• Kidsville News! is a free 28-page, monthly newspaper (tabloid style) that provides fun, educational resources for children grades K-6th, parents, and teachers. Its circulation is over 1.2 million. See a sample online issue here. Most of the material is written by staff, but they will consider freelance work. Query your idea to Stephanie Crider, Associate National Editor, at stephanie(at)kidsvillenews(dot)com. This is a non-paying market.

• Old Timey Hedgehog publishes short stories (YA and up) on their blog and also in their monthly review magazine. They pay $25. Submission guidelines.

Additions to the Young Writers' List

• The Blue Pencil Online is a literary magazine edited by students. All pieces in the publication are written by students ages 12-18. Submission guidelines are here. This is a non-paying market, but you may submit your work to be considered for an annual award--a $3,000 full tuition scholarship to the Summer Writing Program at Walnut Hill School for the Arts, in Metro West Boston.

• Face Up is an Irish magazine for ages 14-18 which has been on the Adult Writers' List, but accepts young writers' submissions as well. Submission guidelines for this paying market are here.

• Magic Dragon Magazine is a quarterly publication, that presents writing and art created by children in the elementary school grades. It has quality four-color printing and graphic display. Submission guidelines for this non-paying market are here.

• Bumples is an online magazine for ages 4-10. Non-paying, it has been on the Adult Writers list but also accepts children's submissions. Submission guidelines

Nonfiction Freelance Opportunity

Press4Kids is a "producer of children’s news publications, including News-O-Matic, a daily iPad-based newspaper for students at the elementary level. The corporate mission is to inspire children to read on a daily basis while empowering them with the knowledge that they have the ability to change their world. News-O-Matic covers important national and international news, as well as kid-friendly features and current events." They are looking for freelance writers. Contact Russell Kahn, Editor-in-Chief at info@press4kids.com. Detailed information can be found at educationwriting.blogspot.com.

Theme Lists, Article and Story Needs

• 2014 themes for Guardian Angel Kids are up.

• 2013-2014 themes for SHINE brightly are available.

• Guide magazine has provided a long list of potential article and story ideas they'd like to see as submissions. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "2014 Guide Theme List."

• Story needs for Friend magazine may be found here.

Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. No Longer Open

I checked with Ranger Rick since their magazine and website had conflicting submission information; I also asked, if they weren't open to submissions or queries, if writers could send their resumes and writing samples to be on file for possible writing assignments. An editor responded with-- "I wish I could give you better news, but we are not accepting any new manuscripts or queries due to the enormous backlog of material already in our files. The majority of our articles are written by the editors on our staff, so we don’t have a need for freelance writers at this time." The situation is the same with Ranger Rick Jr.


• Story Station sponsored by Viatouch is no longer being published.

• Hisstories online magazine is apparently no longer being published.

• AIM (America’s Intercultural Magazine) appears to have discontinued. Another AIM magazine (Africans in Motion) is being published, but it's not a children's or youth magazine and has no connection with the former AIM magazine.

• Scareald is no longer being published.

Updated Links in the Adult List

• Dramatics--contact information

• Odyssey--submission guidelines. Odyssey also has a new editor--Johanna Arnone.

• Face Up--contact information

Updated Link in the Young Writers' List

• Youth Imagination Magazine-- Submission guidelines


The next issue of Writing for Children's Magazines will be published in November.

Writing for Children's Magazines, September 2013


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