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  Market Tidbits for June  

by Evelyn B. Christensen




Addition to the List

Sunday School Network

This is not technically a magazine, but it's an online resource where your work can be published. http://SundaySchoolNetwork.com

Email your submissions to: submissions@SundaySchoolNetwork.com

From Sarah Keith, Editor:

"I do not pay our contributors. But we do give them recognition by placing their contact information in the site such as their email, website, etc. Some of our authors have published books that they then promote in our site by submitting a lesson or idea from their book, or I'll place a link to their book in our affiliate Amazon store. And as to what kinds of submissions, anything related to children's ministry (mainly K-5th grade, but younger or older is fine too). Biblical ideas expressed in crafts, games, lessons, and skits, that help teachers of kids teach about the love of God and his Word in a fun and creative way, is what we accept."

Authors retain all rights to their work (except those needed to publish it on the Sunday School Network site). Reprints are accepted if appropriate to the site.

They also have an opt-in subscription newsletter for Christian educators to share their ideas.

New Odyssey Themes

Odyssey has recently posted its new 2013 theme list. You can view it here.

Discontinued Magazine

Kahani, a literary magazine focusing on South Asian cultures, will be added to the 'Closed Magazines' list. Their website says you can buy back issues, but Winter '10 was to be their "last for a while as Kahani goes on hiatus."

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