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  Free Yourself from Genre  

  By Tracy Vonder Brink  




Fiction writers, do you send your stories to nonfiction magazines?

Nonfiction writers, do you submit your articles to fiction magazines?


Well, why not? If you’re not considering a certain magazine because it’s not your genre, you’re limiting your possibilities.

True, a literary magazine such as Cricket publishes mostly fiction, but it still lists nonfiction submission guidelines. Yes, a magazine such as Muse identifies itself as science and nonfiction, and yet it has fiction—and science fiction—guidelines. Pick up nearly any children’s magazine, and you’ll find a mixture of both fiction and nonfiction.

How do you sell a fiction piece to a nonfiction magazine or a nonfiction article to a literary magazine? It comes down to fit.

Many nonfiction magazines have themed issues, so if you can write fiction to that theme, it could be a great fit, and they often publish stories that feature active child learners. For example, if the issue theme is butterflies, and you write a story about a kid who plants a butterfly garden, it is fiction, but it’s within the theme. (Of course, you’d need to do some research for the correct details about butterfly gardens and include a bibliography.)

For a magazine that publishes mostly fiction, look to narrative nonfiction to be the best fit and search out true stories that have a natural story arc. Biographies work well for this type of writing because although they’re true, they read like a story. Or you could write about scientists who work in the field and let how they make a discovery drive the narrative.

After all, those submission guidelines wouldn’t be there if magazines weren’t interested in publishing that kind of work.

So free your mind from the restrictions of genre, and sales may follow!

Writing for Children's Magazines, Aug 2018         Copyright Tracy Vonder Brink



Tracy Vonder Brink loves true stories and fun facts—the quirkier, the better! She’s a multiply published author of articles featured in Highlights, ASK, Cricket, and Spider and was Highlights Author of the Month for October 2017. You can find her at www.tracyvonderbrink.com.



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