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  Why Are You Afraid of Me?  

  By Marilyn Kratz




I don't mean me personally. After all, I'm a mild-mannered, retired schoolteacher who spends most of her time reading, writing, and gardening. I'm not even very big!

No, I'm talking about the little two-letter word – ME. Have you noticed how many times people nowadays use "I" when "me" is the correct choice? Well, take it from me, it happens a lot.

I suppose it goes back to when we were taught to say someone else's name first, then add "and I" instead of the other way around, as in "Tom and I," not "me and Tom." But we forgot that "Tom and I" is not always the correct form.

I'll try not to get too technical here, but it's as simple as remembering to use "I" where you need the nominative case and "me" for objective case of that personal pronoun in a sentence.

Okay, so you've forgotten just a tad about "case." I can make it easier. Just take out the other person's name and the word "and." Then say the same sentence using just "me" or "I." Whichever sounds correct when you say it without the other person's name is actually the same personal pronoun you'd use when you add back in the other person's name and the word "and."

Here are a few examples to show you exactly how to do it.

1. She and (me I) went home.
(You'd say "I went home," so you'd also say "She and I went home.")

2. Please give them to Bob and (me I).
(You'd say "Please give them to me," so you’d also say "Please give them to Bob and me.")

I hope I've given you the courage to say "me" when it's the correct choice, even after someone else's name and the word "and." Remember – don't be afraid of ME!

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Marilyn Kratz has been a free lance writer for 45 years. In that time she has had 5 books and almost 800 magazine stories, articles, and poems published, mostly in children's magazines such as Highlights for Children, High Five, Hello, Cricket group magazines and church school publications. Her newest book is Quilts and Country Gardens - Remembering a Simpler Time, which is available on Amazon.com. She is a retired elementary teacher and a member of SCBWI.



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